Edie Jarolim, with her muse Madeleine on screen.

Edie Jarolim has worn many hats, not counting the sombrero she donned on a certain one-margarita-too-many night. She got a Ph.D. in American literature from New York University (which explains the occasional literary allusion in her restaurant reviews); worked as a senior editor for Frommers and Fodor’s travel guides (not simultaneously); and translated guidebooks from British to American English in the London office of Rough Guides (proof that the U.S. and England are indeed separated by a common tongue).

Edie’s NYU dissertation—the four volumes on the left—was published as the two volumes on the right. For many years she was  known as the Blackburn Lady.

After moving from Manhattan to Tucson, Arizona, where she knew no one and had no job, she learned to drive and became a freelance writer, editor, blogger, and dog slave.

Madeleine the literary critic. She's sniffing out Am I Boring My Dog

The four books Edie authored. Her dog Madeleine is naturally sniffing out Am I Boring My Dog: And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew

For the full story, check out her newly published memoir, Getting Naked for Money.

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