Articles and Samples


I’ll do pretty much anything for a good assignment — or a bad one that pays really well: Take off my clothes; get slathered with German goat butter and wrapped in plastic; eat grasshoppers, ants, and grubs….

I do have my specialties and preferences: food and spirits, especially that relating to the Southwest U.S. and Mexico; travel, especially in warm places and countries where camels like to live; art and architecture; literature; or any combination thereof. And dogs and genealogy, which have separate blogs devoted to them; see my blogging page. But I’m also a research junkie; when an unfamiliar destination or topic comes my way, the thrill of the chase kicks in.


These are of assorted vintages; updates coming soon…

Food & Spirits 

From Edible Baja Arizona: Profile of a reluctant sushi master.

From Tucson GuideCarnivore Carnival

Phoenix-Scottsdale vs Tucson Food Fight in Sunset magazine; Tasting Mexico in TucsonChef Suzana Davilasommelier Laura Williamson, Chef John Sharpe

Hummingbird banding


Morelia, Mexico

Philosophical(ish) Musings

Of Vistas and Visions: Tucson

Book Review 
Review of Vivian Gornick’s Approaching Eye Level