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Imagining your dog’s voice

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m going to be the star of the Kickstarter video to promote my upcoming memoir. On the internet — as in life — cute dog trumps middle-aged writer every time.

Dog in repose

I’m cute AND I have ‘tude

And Madeleine is exceedingly cute. She’s also got attitude to spare.

But she has one flaw, at least as far as advancing a film script is concerned. She does not speak human, only dog. And she has a key speaking role.

So I asked a group of volunteers — all of whom have met her, except one — to imagine what Madeleine’s voice might sound like by reading a simple script: “I’m Madeleine and I approve this message.”

The results follow.

Who do you think would best represent Madeleine in my video? Please listen to them all — they’re less than 8 seconds long — and vote.

Note: This is a five day contest, so the recording can be done next weekend.

The Voices

Madeleine Voice #1

Madeleine Voice #2

Madeleine Voice #3

Madeleine Voice #4

Madeleine Voice #5

Please vote!

Note: The vote box is a little hard to see. Please hover over what looks like a white box; you should be able to see the word “Vote.” Then please do so!

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I voted

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