(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Kitties & Camels & Goats, Oh My

I am slowly working my way towards thanking all the folks who posted pictures for my Cyber Monday promotion of Getting Naked for Money. 

Three Cats

Along with Amanda Castleman’s adorable bundle of fur, pictured at the top of this page, I’d like to credit two other feline friends of GNFM.

The kitty contribution below is courtesy of Bridget Bouch, who reconnected with me after many, many years — in spite of being featured in a chapter that paints her English compatriots in a less-than-flattering light.

In contrast, I have never lost touch with my childhood friend Marilyn Sutin since we first met each other (mumble mumble) years ago. I welcome the endorsement of her cat, Rosa.

A Couple of Hoofed Creatures

As the logo on top of this site shows, I have a peculiar fondness for camels. Kudos to Kate Kaemerle for getting close enough to Mona, the resident camel of San Juan Island, to take a photo of her with my book. Very brave, Kate!

Finally, Susan Samitz provided me with this picture of Mama Goat, who is about to have her babies any minute. Susan and Mama Goat are in Tucson, so I’m looking forward to visiting them. Until then, I hope Susan will keep us posted with more pictures, though it’s probably best not to have my book involved. I’ve heard baby goats are voracious.

I think that’s it for the critter pics. Next: People and places.

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