(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Spokesdogs, Pt. 2


Gracie Thurber

As promised — more dogs promoting Getting Naked for Money. While naked.

Not Everyone Is a Pet Blogger…

But some people comment on pet blogs. I first met Carla Thurber, whose Gracie is featured on the top of this page, on Will My Dog Hate Me. Carla is not sure about the James Thurber connection, but Gracie seems to be embracing it.


TK Anderson

Spokesdog Molly Anderson

I don’t recall how I e-met I Susan Anderson, Molly’s person,  but we have several mutual friends in Facebook’s “dog world” — which is often my favorite place to be. And how cute is Molly?

…But Many People I Know Are


Brody Vogelsang

Spokesdog Brody Vogelsang

Brody puts in regular appearances on the Pawcurious with Dr. V blog. Since Dr. V (aka Jessica Vogelsang) is a veterinarian, that’s not really terribly surprising.


Kikki Haight

Spokesdog Kikki Haight

Tashi is Mary Haight’s longstanding companion pup, but newcomer Kikki is apparently the book critic in the family. Check out Dancing Dog Blog for Mary’s takes on the latest issues of the day.

Ducky Oakes

Spokesdog Ducky Oakes

Sue Rabe Oakes puts her musings about her canine friends on In My Heart 4Ever. Ducky is looking angelic here. Rumor has it this isn’t always his MO.


Tilde Scheltinga

Spokesdog Tilde Scheltinga

Tilde is a Hovawart with mega-personality — as well as good taste in books. Read all about her and her pals on Kenzo the Hovawart, which comes from Denmark. I just finished binge-watching the Danish series Dicte, which was excellent but sadly has no Hovawarts in it.

A Poet and a Travel Writer

Bernie Nangle

Spokesdog Bernie Nangle

Bernie’s person, Hilary Nangle, is a travel writer par excellent. Her specialty is Maine. I think Bernie’s is lounging, but I’m just guessing. The glasses mark him as an intellectual.

TK Saul

Spokesdog Walker Saul

Walker is the faithful companion of my poet and teacher friend, Lynn Saul. I don’t think she’s written any poems about him, but I could be wrong.

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