Endorsers, Great & Small: Dogs & the Bloggers Who Love Them, Pt.1


Endorsers Tori and Clover Hawn

My Cyber Monday 99c book sale may be over, but a gallery of wonderful pictures of endorsers of Getting Naked for Money remains. I already posted a few in Single-Minded on Cyber Monday, but there are many more. I will continue with this series until I have thanked everyone.

I have started, naturally enough, with pictures of dogs. Many of you know I’m besotted with my terrier mix, Madeleine, but some may not be aware that I was once a regular dog blogger, and still occasionally post on Will My Dog Hate Me.

Champion of My Heart

That’s how I met Roxanne Hawn, companion to the pups pictured at the top of this page. Although I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Roxanne in real life, at a pet blogger’s conference, I have not yet made the acquaintance of wonderpups Clover and Tori.

All Dog Boots

TK Luther

Endorser Max Luther

I have not met either Max or his person, Karen Luther, IRL but adore them both and not just because Karen posted a great review of my book on Amazon.com

Go Pet Friendly

Ty Burkert (of GoPetFriendly.com)

Endorser Ty Burkert

I do know Ty and his “brother” Buster–along with their traveling companions, Rod and Amy Burkert–well. When I noticed that Ty had his eyes closed in this picture, Amy assured me that I shouldn’t take it personally, that sleeping is Ty’s default mode. Buster has a little crush on Madeleine, as many dogs do.

A Travelers Library and Ancestors in Aprons

Bogie Badertscher of Ancestors.com

Endorser Bogie Badertscher

Bogie is also among Ms. M’s admirers, though he has given up on her after bouts of attention barking yielded little effect. I have known Bogie’s person, Vera Marie Badertscher, since she started a group for women writers in Tucson, an effort for which I have long been grateful. We have both been travel writers/bloggers and genealogy bloggers, I at Freuds Butcher, she at Ancestors in Aprons.

Perhaps I should mention in a not-unrelated aside that Vera Marie is a great cook and has gifted me with many baked goods.

Jen Alford

TK Alford of TK

Endorser Saphira Alford

I e-met Jen Alford, publisher of The In-Depth Genealogist magazines, newspapers, and books, through Freud’s Butcher. Until recently, I had no idea she was a dog lover, or that she had corgis. Needless to say, this endeared her to me even more.

What a community of cuties!

I am incapable of a posting a few pictures without making a big production of it. I’ll end here, with a promise of more to come.

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  1. What great photos, Edie! It’s lovely to see your doggy admirers. Ty’s sending his love and promises to finish Chapter 1 … right after he wakes up from his nap. =D

  2. Bogie and I thank you. Despite your holiday- free stance, I imagine you won’t turn down cookies? After all, promotion takes lots of energy and you need the fuel.

  3. Lisa says:

    Awesome article, I would also like to recommend the Walkee Paws Bootie for your dog paws for better protection.

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