Single-Minded on Cyber Monday

Yes, my person is a great dog trainer. I'm glad you noticed

Yes, my person, Nancy Friedman-Smith, is a great dog trainer.  Signed, Beck

I know, I know. I have become single-minded, a one-woman promotion machine. All I can say is thank you for your continued support and tolerance. I promise to wind down my alternating guilt-provoking and cajoling personae once the holidays are over.

Social Media Blast

That would not be yet.

I have mentioned this promotion in my latest Kickstarter update.  I have posted it on Facebook.  And here it is again. The good news: Today is my Cyber Monday 99c sale. This particular cry for attention will be over within 12 hours.

Not all of you, I know, can train your dog to hold a copy of my book in his mouth, as Nancy Friedman-Smith of Goodogz has done with Beck. But you can all take a picture of my book. With your cute self. With your cute dog. In an interesting setting.

Step 1. Take a picture that includes my book. It can be in a fun location. A selfie with my book. A picture of my book with your pet.

My book is going to Mexico!

My book is going to Mexico!

Done that?

Step 2. Post your picture on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), including the following information:

  • A link to my book:
  • The fact that it is on sale for 99c for Cyber Monday
  • A few nice words about the book.

Step 3. Tag me so I can share or RT.

Here’s a sample less-than-140-character tweet:

Cyber Monday 99c Kindle sale of very funny travel memoir. @EdieJarolim #books #sale

On Facebook or Instagram? Be creative, as long as you include the essential elements.

Step 4a (optional but appreciated). If you have not reviewed my book yet and are not a “verified buyer”–e.g. you got the hard copy via Kickstarter–buy the book for 99c. You can give it away as a gift. No one will know how much it cost.

No pressure. I don’t mind if my book just languishes on the indie author vine.

Step 4a. If you have not yet bought my book, now’s the time. You can download a free e-reader!


Packer says Don't leave home without it!

Packer says, Don’t leave home without it!

Single-Minded with Dr. Bella DePaulo

I hoped that Getting Naked for Money would appeal to a lot of different audiences. Based on the Amazon reviews, that’s proven to be true. The natural audience, of course, is armchair travelers and travel writers, though there’s a fair representation of people who bought my previous book, Am I Boring My Dog, as you might have noticed from some of these pictures.

But one audience that I wanted particularly to reach was single women, who tend to be a neglected segment of our society.

To that end, I contacted Dr. Bella DePaulo, an author that I very much admired ever since I read her excellent Singled Out. As the subtitle says, it is about “How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored and Still Live Happily Ever After.”


I also read several articles and blog posts by Dr. DePaulo bemoaning the fact that few books about/by single women portray them very positively. So I sent her a copy her a copy of my book in the hope that she might consider it an exception — and blurb it.

She did. On both counts. She wrote, “I’m always whining about how there is not enough out there by and about single women who are living their single lives fully. Yours is the sort of book I’ve had in mind.”

The blurb:

Edie Jarolim is a single woman leading a rich, complicated, exasperating, inspiring, and adventurous life of a writer. Fortunately for all of us, her insights, wit, and story-telling skills are superb. More, please!

And — talk about gilding the lily — she invited me to guest post on her Psych Central blog, Single at Heart. That post, Called A Woman After Her Own Heart and based on an essay I wrote in The Guardian 25 years ago (!) is appearing today, on Cyber Monday, with a link to my book sale. Not coincidentally.

Like I said, single-minded.


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