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how-to-buy-my-bookI haven’t exactly held back from being political here, what with my Post-Election Letter to Hillary and other allusions to my presidential preference. My Facebook feed is even more direct about my views, and my Twitter account? Fuggedabout it. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been feeling gloomy about the election’s outcome. This makes the upbeat persona required for book promotion hard to muster.

The Best Medicine

But I’ve been cheered by one thing: The feedback that I’ve gotten about Getting Naked for Money.

It includes a text from a friend with whom I had been discussing The Troubles.

Hey Edie, On p. 11 and laughing myself silly. What a relief to have your book — soothing my bruised soul.

Another friend wrote in an email:

“Getting Naked for Money…” got me through the post-election doldrums.

Not everyone mentioned the election, but pretty much everyone has agreed that Getting Naked for Money is really funny. This is typical of the comments:

Your book is wonderful, I’m laughing out loud on a regular basis!

How to Acquire the Magic Potion

How do you get hold of my make-you-laugh book–and what are the benefits of each purchasing method? I’m so glad you asked.

Buy on

Yes, my book is available on Amazon, in both the Kindle and paperback versions. There’s a button on this blog’s sidebar that links to the site; here’s another to save you a step.

Benefits to you: You’ll get the book quickly and efficiently, especially if you buy the Kindle version. If you live anywhere outside the U.S., you’ll be able to get my book in paperback as well as in the Kindle edition. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you won’t have to pay postage.

Benefits to me: I get only a percentage of the book sale but, if you buy through the site, your reviews will be showcased on Amazon. Through one of their mystery algorithms, only reviews based on “verified purchases” are easy to find. The more reviews people can actually see, the more likely they are to buy my book.

Buy on this blog

I just created a PayPal button to sell signed versions of my book; you can use any credit card to pay. The cost is $15 for the book, $5 for postage, for a total of $20.

Here it is:

It’s also in my sidebar, right under the Buy on Amazon button.

Benefits to you: You get a signed, inscribed version of the book. You will know that I went to the post office especially for you!

Benefits to me: I will get all the profits from this sale. I will know that you cared enough to buy a personalized copy.

Bookstores (Tucson only — so far)

I went around to several independent Tucson bookstores in the past week and got them to carry — or consider carrying — signed copies of my book.

The first one, Clues Unlimited, was an easy sell, even though it is a mystery bookstore and my book is not a mystery (except for how I managed to take so long to finish it). I reintroduced myself to the owner, who is not a stickler for genres but who is a serious dog lover. “Remember me,” I said. “I did a book signing for Am I Boring My Dog here several years ago.” “I loved that book,” she said. “It was really funny. Is this one funny? We need that after this election.” I assured her it was. She agreed to take a couple of copies.

The other store where you can find Getting Naked for Money is Mostly Books. Since I don’t have any history with the owner, I was doubly grateful that they took a chance on me.

Benefits to you: You get a signed copy of my book without paying postage, and you get the additional good karma of patronizing a small business.

Benefits to me: The consignment split (60/40) is pretty decent. If I sell enough books, maybe the stores will host a booksigning event.

It’s all good. Well, except for the election.

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Edie Jarolim is a writer and editor living in Tucson, Arizona. Sign up on this blog to get updates about her humorous tell-all/memoir, GETTING NAKED FOR MONEY: An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All.

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  1. Karyn Zoldan says:

    Buy local is the theme that Tucson spends a lot of time promoting. I love Clues Unlimited because I’m a mystery-reading fan; Chris has a greyhound in her store; and Clues partners with Beading Divas in selling our bracelets for animal charities. Mostly Books rocks too!

    You will establish some good connections, I am sure.

    My friend Sandee (with the heart tats) bought the Kindle version. She said, “Have I ever met HER?”

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