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Thank you for your supportHaving asked friends and colleagues to “support my Kickstarter campaign,” I realized I’ve been living in a bubble. Many people — like me, before I started getting immersed in the project — are unclear about precisely what it means to support a campaign. Let me explain.

You Will Be Receiving a Product: My Book

When you support my project through Kickstarter, you’re not just giving me money because you like me (although I’m not opposed to that). You are buying my book, Getting Naked For Money, in advance. The Rewards section of the Kickstarter site (you’ll see it on the right side) explains exactly what you will get when you decide to support me — whether an e-book, a signed paperback, a book in which you are listed in the contributor’s section… Some rewards include such personalized extras as taking a walk with me and my dog in Tucson or a Skype tutorial on the writing or editing topic of your choice. There is something for every level of support, but every reward includes a book.

You Have Nothing to Lose

Your credit card will NOT be charged unless I meet my project goal. You have nothing to lose, only a book — and my gratitude — to gain. Your credit card information is secure and you will not be bombarded with emails from Kickstarter, only updates from me about the project. If you want them.

I Have Nothing to Lose (Except My Faith in Man- and Womankind) 

I have 30 days to meet my project funding goal. I won’t be charged anything if I don’t meet it. I will, however, lose the considerable investment of time that I spent preparing this campaign, the money I paid to create the video and the book mockup…not to mention hope and a small piece of my heart.

But don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Eventually.

I Am Charged Processing Fees If the Funding Succeeds, You Aren’t

If I do meet my funding goal, I will be charged processing fees, which will come out to a little less than 10% of the total. I am taking that into account in estimating what I need to complete the project. Note: If you live outside of the U.S. you will be asked to pay extra postage for my book at some reward levels.

You’ll Get an Instant Gratification Thank You!

You don’t have to wait to feel good about supporting my book. As soon as you help fund any project, Kickstarter sends you an email that has a little “I’m a backer” moving logo on it. You can’t do wear it as a button or anything, but it’s nice to be recognized.


For more about Kickstarter in general, see What Is Kickstarter?  While you’re there, browse the site. There are a lot of great creative projects there, not only mine. I think you’ll be inspired to see the interesting things people are doing. After you support Getting Naked for Money of course. Don’t you be shopping around to find something you like better.

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here in the comments section. I’m happy to help you help me.


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Edie Jarolim is a writer and editor living in Tucson, Arizona. Sign up on this blog to get updates about her humorous tell-all/memoir, GETTING NAKED FOR MONEY: An Accidental Travel Writer Reveals All.

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  1. Mary says:

    Edie, this is a WONDERFUL blog. I hope you take it as a compliment that I plan to model one of my blogs after this to help in my campaign for a photo book “Trees Are My Muse” which is starting this next week.

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