Countdown Sale, MEGA Book Tour

Book saleIt’s just a little more than two weeks before I head out to my Author & Her Dog Book Tour and I’m going into panic mode book publicity overdrive.  I contacted the bookstores that would take part in the tour well in advance and I’ve finally pinned down places to stay along the way. But now I need to get the word out so that I won’t embarrass myself and make the bookstores that were generous enough to host me sorry they did. To that end, I ran a sale and temporarily re-branded my tour.

The 99¢ + Countdown Sale!

When you enroll in Amazon’s KDP Select Program (thus swearing fealty to Amazon and/or your first-born child) you get a choice of promotions every quarter: Either the opportunity to give the Kindle version of book away — as in free — for six days during that time period or the opportunity to run a sale while still getting the same percentage of royalties as you would if your book was selling at full price.

The first 24 hours — starting from today, May 27th — GETTING NAKED FOR MONEY sells for 99c. The next day it goes up to $1.99, following in $1 increments every 24-hours until it’s back to its full price of $6.99 again.

I considered free so that people who bought the book from me could post reviews considered “verified” by Amazon but I figured they’d figure my book was worth at least 99c. And the rest of the people both love a bargain and believe you get what you pay for. Contradictory but true.

The MEGA Book Tour

I’m a political junkie so as you can imagine, the current news cycle is serious crack. But I need to focus.

So I vowed on Facebook: No more political posts until after I finish my book tour in mid-July. If I let myself get distracted, the terrorists win…no wait, it’s the people who are trying to scare us with terrorists who win.

See what I mean? It’s so hard to avoid politics.

In that vein, a friend suggested that it made sense for me to put “Edie First.” It was a natural progression to the Make Edie Great Again (MEGA) Tour! It’s going to be bigger than YUGE.

Here are the details again:

June: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

Tuesday, June 13: Prescott, Arizona, Peregrine Book Company, 5-6:30pm

Thursday, June 15: Albuquerque, New Mexico: BookWorks, 6pm

Friday, June 16: Las Cruces, New Mexico: Barnes & Noble UNM, 2-4pm

Tuesday June 20: Austin, Texas: BookWoman, 7-8:30pm

Thursday, June 22: San Antonio, Texas: The Twig, 5-7pm

July: Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

Friday, July 7: St. Paul, Subtext Books, 7pm

Thursday, July 13: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Magers & Quinn Booksellers, 7pm

I Reiterate

Yes, I will annoy you until you comply (remember Kickstarter): If you live in any of these cities or have friends who live there, please come see me and Madeleine and/or please spread the word. I will also be sending out individual instructions. Check your inbox.

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